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Life with horses

I am now the owner of my 5th horse and stressing over how to afford it all on one income . Then I remembered the saying tell yourself you can do it and then figure it out and that's just what I did lol. I was also boarding at a facility when this all took place so my next step had to be bringing them home . The horse was born July 25/2020 I started building my barn September of 2020 and was so excited to start this adventure. the following summer I brought them all home, It was far from perfect and i had a lot of work to do but they were home and I was closer to living my dream after living separate from them for the last 8 years.


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when the colt was born it was not smooth sailing though momma didn't want nothing to do with him and the thought of losing him was definitely in my mind, the vet had to be called there is a small wind


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